Trillamed Capabilities:


Serving more than 700 Federal medical facilities globally for the Dept. of Defense and Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and numerous other Government facilities, TrillaMed is a proven, best in class distributor of Medical, Facility, and New Construction products:

  • TrillaMed is a full service distributor with our own ERP and EDI compliant portal
  • We manage our own proposal writing, national sales team and customer care dept.
  • We manage shipping, warranty and training as well as invoicing for Federal buyers
  • Our Supply Schedules: E-cat, GSA, FSS and DAPA (several BPA and MMESO awards)
  • Fully compliant with all DoD and VA Prime Vendors; have DEA/State pharma licenses
  • TrillaMed maintains a CVE Verified SDVOSB status


Originally a national, award winning construction contractor, our team was urged by Government buyers to assist further with supply side logistics. Having designed and built medical and other facilities under rigorous military spec, we mastered complementary specialties in security design, alternative energy and facilities management … a truly unique cascade of knowledge that traditional suppliers don't have. From being on site daily, we inherently knew the "physical" and "personnel" side of hospital and facility logistics and we became the Federal buyer's value added liaison to OEMs, which is a win for all involved.


Our product range of over One Million non-medical items, from hospital lighting to chemicals, has been expanded to include the FORTUNE 500's high-tech medical equipment, med/surg and radiopharmaceuticals-positioning TrillaMed as the "go to" hospital distributor.

Consequent to its construction roots, TrillaMed supplies infrastructure, smart energy, fire & safety, and security products. We also distribute a full line of various modular structures and can rapidly assemble a hurricane resistant clinic in 45 days, to include furniture and computer hardware. We provide seamless procurement of quality FORTUNE products from A to Z.


Our DCAA audited platform includes the value proposition of global "turnkey" purchasing with proven QA/QC and strict FAR compliance. We provide Program and Project Management for any product requiring additional assembly and/or installation.

SOLUTION: A single PO can accomplish: Acquisition, pre-assemblage and installation of shelving … Installation of new fire extinguishers, including de-installation, hazmat disposal and scrap metal reimbursement of old extinguishers … Upgrading an MRI or PET/CT (nuclear medicine) with new equipment and software/hardware … IT and other solutions.


TrillaMed serves more than 700 medical facilities globally for DoD and VA, with a diversity of 70,000 medical products. TrillaMed offers over 1,000,000 MRO products to include Fire & Safety, Energy, Security & PPE as well as Chemical and a broad range of other products to: VA, Prisons and BIA/BIE, as well as the Dept.'s of Energy, Labor and Defense both nationally and globally.

Major Federal Medical Facilities Served by TrillaMed

Supply capability:

  • Medical Materiel
  • MRO
  • LED/Energy
  • Computer Hardware

TrillaMed, LLC
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Bingham Farms, MI 48025
P: 866.341.5694

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