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TrillaMed, LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that is operated, managed and owned by three combat veterans who served as US Army Airborne Rangers. TrillaMed specializes in providing world-class medical materiel and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operating) supplies to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense and other Government agencies. Driven by a military ethos of service and precision, we focus on our dual mission of providing world-class products and services while growing a firm that employs Vets to serve Vets.


To provide the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Service, Other Government Agencies with superior brand name and medical and non-medical materiel, the most responsive distribution and the highest level of customer service.


Professional Mission Statement:

  • Exceeding industry standards for quality, value and service
  • Develop and Maintain long-term relationships with our customers and clients
  • Strive for on-time zero-defect performance

Internal Company Mission:

  • Give 110% because we are Vets serving Vets!

Company Goal:

  • Employ Veterans, Minorities, Women and the Challenged
  • Subcontract to Veterans, Minorities, Women and the Challenged

Company Philosophy:

TrillaMed, LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). At TrillaMed, we grow our business based on performance and work ethic, and not because of our SDVOSB status.

On behalf of the 27,000,000 million veterans in this country, we truly appreciate the opportunity to work on your projects and in return hire as many as those Vets as possible so that you may also feel good as you help us employ more of the nation’s finest. Thank you.


TrillaMed teams with industry leaders such as CareFusion, GE, W.W. Grainger and other select healthcare manufacturers to deliver their superior products and to maximize customer satisfaction. Our distribution and logistics system utilizes the latest in EDI technology and secure website ordering for ease of customer use.

National and Worldwide Coverage:

We serve and distribute products to over 700 U.S. Federal Government facilities worldwide, including at the Dept. of Defense, VA, the Department of Energy, Bureau of Indian Affairs and other Government agencies.

Product Offerings:

We market key medical products for CareFusion, GE, and other healthcare manufacturers. Being W.W. Grainger’s preferred national SDVOSB vendor to the Federal Government, we are the only SDVOSB that provides for immediate website acquisition of over 1,000,000 Grainger products while being able to source an additional 4,000,000 products.

Sales & Service:

TrillaMed has gained a noteworthy presence in the Federal Government Hospital System by fielding nationwide sales forces and delivering the highest level of logistical and customer service performance. We have specific sales force operations that target the VA and Dept. of Defense as well as the IHS (Indian Health Service). Our customer service utilizes a state-of-the art ERP platform for order processing, RFQ coordination, order management and returns. Grainger products acquired through the TrillaMed website include the unsurpassed timely Grainger delivery - typically 24-48 hours.

Prime Vendor Compliant:

TrillaMed is an active vendor to the designated Government Prime Vendors such as Cardinal Health, Owens & Minor, McKesson and the regional prime vendors such as American Medical Depot, Buffalo Hospital Supply, Claflin, Kreisers and Professional Hospital Supply.

Federal Contracting:

TrillaMed’s contracting and operational capabilities draw upon years of expertise to transact effectively in the Federal environment and meet exacting Federal Government requirements.

Evolution of a Market Leader


Our founding partners learned how to plan, build and serve through numerous successful military missions in armed conflict on behalf of the United States of America. Primarily as members in various Special Operations Forces and/or intelligence agencies positions, these tours of duty include Vietnam, South America and the Middle East. The weight of America's national defense and the lives of their fellow soldiers helped our founders evolved into skilled planners because failure was deadly. We knew how to plan and how to win where the stakes where the highest so when the military chapter closed we turned our passion for excellence and focus on providing top tier planning in order to execute some of the most complicate business transaction in the world. Our team continues to execute this mission every day and we pride ourselves our ability to continue to bring the best to the vast federal market from our and leading sectors partners.


Our first carefully chosen step into the business world was construction because Frank Campanaro's family has played a critical role in this industry for over three generations. Our team placed all their energies and the lessons they learned from combat behind building a world class construction company. We assembled the best talent from the inside and outside the industry to build a company that could win in a very complicated and important sector of the marketplace, the federal marketplace. Our efforts and expertise has earned our individual and team awards, which recognize the contribution of our collective team and its members because we are excited and built to deliver best-in-class products and services to the federal market. As a result our past performance, we were encourage to step out again into a new sector, medical servicing.


We feel that where we are today is a perfect fusion of all the paths and strengths that are core to our company. For example, we moved from planning to win a federal constructions contract to build a hospital, to building a hospital and, now, we were invited by our federal clients and industry leaders to serve inside the structures we helped build. Our company is a company that is uniquely position to help those who seek to understand and win in this incredibly complex sector of our economy. We take all we have learned and continue to learn and pioneer in the federal space and fuse this knowledge with other industry leaders to provide the very best response to the Medical and Non-Medical Materiel requirements of the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal, State, Local Governments Agencies, and Major Hospital Systems. Our mission continues because our country deserves the very best.

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