Our New LED Lighting Program SAVING ENERGY AND ELECTRICITY COSTS for the USA Federal Government


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TrillaMed is pleased to announce they now offer a COMPLETE line of LED LIGHTING products.

Partnering with Industry leading USA and Allied made Manufacturers, TrillaMed now offers the Federal Government and its agencies OPTIMUM LED TECHNOLOGY combined with MAXIMUM ENERGY and ELECTRICITY COST SAVINGS and, a HEALTHIER LIGHT ATMOSPHERE.

Go Green! Save Energy! Save Money!

LED LIGHTING is "state of the art" lighting technology and is proven to be the quickest way to ENERGY and COST REDUCTIONS for facilities. LED LIGHTING can REDUCE these by 50% or more IMMEDIATELY along with providing healthier lighting that is PLEASING TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Electricity Costs

LED LIGHTING UPGRADES are the PROVEN, FASTEST WAY to immediately reduce energy use and electricity costs.

Reduce Installation and Maintenance Costs

LED bulbs can be put in existing light fixtures quickly by unskilled labor further REDUCING INSTALLATION COSTS in addition to REDUCING MAINTENANCE COSTS by offering up to 10 year unconditional warranties.

PLEASE SEE LINKS BELOW TO PRESENT INSTALLATIONS AND CASE STUDIES and contact us at ksharp@trillamed.com for help with your LED Lighting Projects.

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